Should you wish to have qualitive accounting and trust your accounting to experts of the field, then, this service is intended for you which includes:
– Outsourcing accounting function;
– Preparation and filing of financial statements and tax returns;
-Preparation and filing of statistics report;
– Preparation and renewal of your legal documents;
– Representing your company in front of state organizations.


       Due to the different purposes such as borrowing, bidding, inspections companies may want to have perfect accounting which complies with regulatory and legislative standards. In such cases our accounting experts ready to recover and develop your accounting and tax accounting in accordance with latest regulatory standards regardless of the workload and time consumed. By opting this service, you will have not only ideal accounting but also accounting system setup based on which you can continue conducting accounting successfully yourself. As a result, your financial statements will reflect your exact financial position.


       Transformation of financial reports as per IFRS implies remake of financial reporting prepared according to national standards of financial reporting (NSFR) into financial reports prepared according to requirements of international financial reporting standards (IFRS).
Transformation of financial reports into IFRS gives following advantages:
– Ability and access to global financial markets;
– Access to international loans and borrowings;
– More efficient allocation of financial resources;
– Rising investment attractiveness;
– Easier for managers to understand and interpret figures which is important upon decision making;
– IFRS reports are freer from conditions and limits;
– Priority of economic content prevails over legal form content;
– Relevance and ability to influence economic decisions;
– Reliability upon understanding events and exact financial position of company users’ right expectations.

We have specialists who specialize in IFRS. We do this, professionally, timely and in understandable manner. This service includes but not limited to:

– Audit of financial reports prepared based on NSFR;
– Transformation and consolidation of financial reporting as per IFRS;
– Preparation of pilot balance;
– Preparation of accounting policy as per IFRS;
– IFRS assessment;
– Consulting of client on issues related to IFRS;
– Providing master classes on IFRS;


       Performance management of company’s activity is necessary for the solution of company’s financial problems which is in priority: upon crisis management, buying and selling of business or shares, attracting investments (borrowing), setting up efficient company financial management.

Within the bounds of service our specialists offer you professional approach of disclosing information related to total performance management of the company’s activity by considering sector specificity and indicators, study of management structure, material – technical base and technological complex of the company, including:
– Evaluation of information reliability;
– Processing information (working out analytical tables and aggregated forms of reporting);
– Calculation of financial reporting structure indicators (vertical analysis);
– Indicator calculation of financial reporting point changes (horizontal analysis);
– Coefficient calculation of basic aspects of financial activity or interim financial aggregates (financial stability, solvency, business activity, profitability and etc.);
– Comparison analysis of financial coefficient values with standards (conventional and mid-sector);
– Analysis of financial coefficient changes (identification of improvement or impairment trends);
– Calculation and evaluation of integral financial coefficients;
– Conclusion on financial position of company based on processed data.